The Sideways dictionary

The Sideways dictionary is like a dictionary, but using analogies instead of definitions. Use it as a tool for finding and sharing helpful analogies to explain technology. Because if everyone understands technology better, we can make technology work better for everyone. Video: How to write an analogy: Simplifying complicated technology concepts with Sideways Dictionary Sideways […]

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Google’s New Spell Check

Lifehacker points out that Google Docs just “updated its spell checker! Sure, in theory that’s a “what could be more boring” scenario. But you guys, it’s pretty awesome. The updated spell checking bakes in the power of Google’s “Did you mean” technology, meaning that instead of relying on a static dictionary, it uses the context […]

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Antique Typewriters

Some of you may recall that there was a time before the computer. Translators had to work with what they called typewriters and the stunning Martin Howard Collection of Early Typewriters gives a you a pretty good overview what those things looked like in the 1880s and 1890s. So, next time you complain about your […]

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Wordsmyth is an online dictionary and thesaurus that includes a variety of different dictionaries (beginner’s and children’s among them) and other tools, including an anagram solver, reverse search, glossary maker, and crossword solver.

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Twitter me this auf Deutsch brings the world’s top celebrities to you, in your own language! Don’t believe in gossip – read it directly from your favorite stars. works in 58 languages, everywhere in the world. Image by Filippo Minelli. More from his great series “Contradictions/Ongoing”.

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Linguee – A translators best friend

“Linguee is more than a German-English dictionary. With Linguee, you can search many millions of bilingual texts in English and German for words and expressions. Every expression is accompanied by useful additional information and suitable example sentences. What is the benefit? When you translate texts to a foreign language, you usually look for common phrases […]

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