Translations, text editing, subtitles


Translation Classic

·· Aimed at smaller companies who need only 4 or 5 translations per year.
· Per document billing based on the number of lines of text and the complexity of the text. Prices start at € 1,20 per line (average cost per word 11.5 to 15 cents depending on text).
· Service includes pre-delivery clarification of any particularly unclear passages as well as a post translation report to explain potentially controversial word selection.
· Minimum text length, 50 lines.
· 20% surcharge for express delivery within 24 hours or on weekends

Translation Flatrate

· Aimed at larger companies who need multiple translations per month including shorter texts that need to be translated within 24 hours
· No minimum text length, no surcharges.
· No need for multiple bills – Just 1 bill per month.
· A 6 month commitment required from new customers. From the 7th month onwards contract can be cancelled. 7 days notice before the end of the month required.
· 1 month non-binding trial possible.
· 4 packages to chose from: XS, S, M and L.
· XS package: 5000 words for 500€, cost per word 10 cents
· S package: 10,500 words for 1000€, cost per word 9.5 cents approx
· M package: 16,500 words for 1500€, cost per word 9 cents approx
· L package: 23,500 words for 2000€, cost per word 8.5 cents approx
· Service includes consultation before beginning for a contract and post translation reports.

Presentation Service

Aimed at those who already prepared a complete and accurate English language presentation or talk and who need to be coached on correct pronunciation, phrasing and delivery. Basic cost 75€ per coaching hour, 275€ per half day, €500 per day.

Presentation Plus Service

Combined translation and presentations coaching service. Includes the translation of presentation slides and text, and then in-company coaching to ensure correct pronunciation and delivery. 10% discount on a classic translation or on the coaching hour where relevant.

Write On

A proof-reading, revision and rewriting service for incomplete texts or inaccurate texts that have already been partially or completely written in the English language. The service includes correction, clarification and re-writing of texts as standard. Passages or texts can also be written from scratch based on a rough outline if required. Per hour billing at a 35€/hour rate. 20% surcharge for express delivery within 24 hours.

Client & Tour Service

Translabor team members are available to assist any company employees who do not speak and understand English at an advanced level when they are welcoming visitors, showing them around and holding meetings. The service includes clarifying what the German speaking party may mean, interpreting where necessary and ensuring that misunderstandings do not occur. We are also available to show visitors around independently when required. Rate 75€ per hour, 275€ per half day, 500€ per day.

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